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Matchmaking – Finnish start-ups

Movero organised several matchmaking events where ca. 12 established companies could explore potential collaboration and partnership with Finnish start-up companies!

Business Finland (formerly known as Fin Pro) and Movero partnered in bringing Finland’s leading digital start-ups that can drive the future of e-commerce to Stockholm. Our smart retail event in November 2016 already resulted in several deals between Swedish e-commerce companies and the technology companies.

ICA’s head of e-commerce: “How did you find such suitable companies for us? Every single one of them could solve some of our challenges!

The event aimed at CEO, CDO, E-commerce manager, head of business development or innovation lead or a CIO with a digital agenda. They had the opportunity to meet exciting companies who show cased their innovative solutions just for our participants. In this way, our clients could be one of the first to adopt the new but proven technologies.  A great variety of solutions for e-commerce companies to improve sales, conversion rate, customer (and competitor) intelligence and provide possibility to do personalised marketing actions and automate processes were included.

For inquiries to make another such event, please let us know.