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Behind Movero

Founders story

Founders story

Movero was founded by two talents that did not grow up within entrepreneurial families or context. For the founders, work life has always been a challenge, excelling  at work, making a career but never feeling pleased or settled knowing there is more to be done, more to change, more to create. Kind of the feeling that you are on the planet to achieve greater things than yourself and you feel locked in, limited in your movements. We didn’t know, we didn’t understand that ourselves. Always having innovative ideas, challenging the status quo but never really daring to drive it ourselves, we finally realised in 2012 it is enough.  We started our consulting business to get a flexibility and get more time to think. This resulted in experimentation, new experiences, new relations, exciting projects, and time to figure out what we wanted to do, WHY we wake up every morning to do our ‘job’.

Now 6 years later, we are a thriving business, we do edgy assignments and keep our niche and focus on helping those who dare (or better said, we know how it feels to not dare and what it means to get that push to just do it). We do it because it feels damn good to help others, not just at work but also as volunteers in swim clubs, sailing, gymnastics, mentoring of young entrepreneurs etc. 

We want to help everyone to dare more. Our world needs it, people need it although we acknowledge it is not for everyone. 

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