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Some call it ‘just a job’, some call it work and some call it life. Everyone needs a place to enjoy and flourish!

Epic jobs

You can’t do epic shit with normal people. We connect to both young talents and seasoned professionals and we love to hunt down those hidden surprises in our networks. All so we can combine the best normal people to their best abilities to do epic shit at all times.

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People like to do cool stuff and work with cool companies that challenge what you have done before. We know it is possible. So, whomever you are, if you join one of our projects you will stay challenged.


We believe play=work and work=play. We keep it real, personal and just fun. We often talk to those who also figured it out and know what not to do. Now it is just about joining the right kind of fun.


We always listen for the mention of passion. Some are searching for it all their lives, some have passion for music, some for coding, some for design. As long as you can use your passion in your work you are all fine and people will keep their drive.

Current Opportunities (with us or our engagements)

Marketing growth hacker @Skipperi

Skipperi was looking for a Marketing Growth Hacker to join their global Skipperi team and to help them meet growth targets. And to have fun while doing so! As Marketing Growth Hacker your key aim is to build and maintain well functioning result oriented digital marketing factory.


Sales representative Sweden @Skipperi

Skipperi is growing and needs to grow more, faster. Season 2019 we want to put extra focus on the Swedish market and are therefore looking for a sales manager based in Gothenburg (or Stockholm) to join our global Skipperi team and to help us meet our growth targets. Of course we offer fun as part of this job!

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Customer Service Agent Nordics @Skipperi

Skipperi is growing and will grow more, faster. We are now hiring a temporary customer support position that will be our primary face to our customers in both Finland and Sweden during the high season (May-September with possible start in April to get settled). Please note, you need to be multilingual and preferably located in Helsinki.

Freelance Photographers Sweden/Nordics @Skipperi

Skipperi is growing and will grow more, faster. We are looking for freelance photographers that now how to capture a boat to stun people. Exterior, interior, mood images, if you have the equipment, skills, time and want to make extra money, register yourself with Skipperi..

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