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No business as usual!

Why we do it..

Movero was founded in 2012 because companies tended to stick to their old core businesses, either because they did not want to disrupt it or they could not afford to, or they deemed their Plan A ’worked’ and Plan B wasn’t needed.

Movero has since then helped businesses and their leadership disrupt their plan A’s and opened up their Plan B’s.  Many large multinationals achieved their ambitious transformational goals with our help. We are proud to have clients such as as Fenix Outdoor (Fjällräven, Naturkompaniet, Primus, Hanwag), Securitas, Preem, Nordea, Thomas Cook/Ving , Svenska Dagbladet, ICA and DeLaval. Somehow, we always pulled it off, often against all odds! We have founded and co-founded companies like Skipperi, Nördic and have been involved in or invested in a dozen of other start-ups.

Movero has packaged the hard learnings from 20+ years of transformation, of getting strategy into action, of working across alla different parts of businesses, from product function to sales department, from finance to IT and always ensuring a customer perspective. Movero experts have been involved in building companies from the ground up and have always been eager to understand technology and what value can be unlocked if key features and concepts are used properly to help setting priorities and keeping a winning business. 

Movero is no business as usual. We advise and partner with boards and executives and other leaders that need to rethink their business through technology. We bring an entrepreneurial view into all our clients to make them succeed, earlier, faster, better!

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire us.

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