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Launching online food retail

In collaboration with ICA, Ocado and other firms, Movero was part of the largest e-commerce project to be around. Launching a whole new end to end platform based on Ocado’s latest technology replacing all central pick technology, all in store fulfilment, a whole new customer experience and retailer experience and in addition getting the first highly automated and robotised warehouse dedicated for online food is not something that was done over a night.

Movero had the honour to be part of the first phase and has driven the MVP approach into reality. Daring to test the platform in it’s smallest scale in one store planning to validate, verify before scaling to others. In parallel, a highly skilled team of technology experts and business leads challenged the platform to adapt to ICA’s needs whilst also challenging ICA to adapt to future opportunities. It is fantastic to be hands on in such as strategic initiative and really standing for what makes Movero tick, making tomorrow happen, trying new things, daring to succeed.

Movero concluded the engagement when scale up phase was reached to move into new adventures. We wish ICA a bright future and keep on pushing boundaries both internally and externally.

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