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Nördic – real accessories for real nerds

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became even more apparant that e-commerce is here to stay and continuous to challenge various niches of existing retail. Online is also already being reinvented by better online. New technologies, new platforms make it more easy to start a business. However, the real hard work is not about creating the shop window.

Movero has the honour to join forces with a former client whom are experts in IT, Mobile and computer accessories. The founding team has build a billion SEK B2B business. The challenge at hand is to democratise this market for consumers offering high quality product for great prices, cutting out all middle hands. Going direct to consumer importing carefully selected electronics from all over the world is not something anyone can do.

The founders Khazar Amini and Siamak Alian have extensive experience from sourcing quality products. Their vast experience and global supplier network form the basis for Nördic. However, Nördic is more than just a shop with fun products everyone needs. Nördic is a brand controlling the whole value chain focusing on quality, high ‘nerd’ level community and great products for great prices.

Follow our journey together with Nördic to grow this young and dynamic brand into a leading Nordic player being the primary choice for any consumer for high quality accessories



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