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  • Brizo – Fast and sustainable e-commerce fulfillment

    - by Roy

    Movero has extensive experience within e-commerce and a large part of e-commerce is logistics. Today, the post-purchase experience today is…

  • Launching online food retail

    - by Roy

    Changing the way the world shops. ICA + Ocado technology joining forces

  • Nördic – real accessories for real nerds

    - by Roy

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became even more apparant that e-commerce is here to stay and continuous to challenge various…

  • Fenix Outdoor

    - by Roy



  • Einride

    - by Roy

    The intelligent movement company No drivers mean no overtime, no health insurance, no out-of-pocket expenses for meals and no mandated…


    - by Roy

    Movero Ventures has invested in Ideahunt that now has rebranded to Svava. Svava digitises a well known challenge. Many  meetings…

  • Want to become a reference?

    - by Roy

    Contact us, tell us what is driving you and what you are aiming for! Get in touch

  • Skipperi

    - by Roy

    Skipperi wants to make boating super simple, sustainable and for everyone #boatingforeveryone. Already growing fast, it will soon be the…

  • Securitas

    - by Roy

    Future of intelligent Security, driving the development of a whole new way of doing security. Challenging both business model, customer…

  • the future of E-commerce

    - by Roy

    Movero organised several matchmaking events where ca. 12 established companies could explore potential collaboration and partnership with Finnish start-up companies!…

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