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Skipperi wants to make boating super simple, sustainable and for everyone #boatingforeveryone. Already growing fast, it will soon be the biggest boat club in the world. Enabling both better utilisation of existing privately owned boats, but also onboarding a whole new generation and audience by providing boating as a service. Both part as city transportation as just a fun membership to boat as much as you like without the hassle and much lower cost. Skipperi works together with cities, boatclubs and industry providers to get this to happen. Combining modern way of boating where owning is something of the past with established ways of good service, good spots and just good boats! Skipperi already won the price to be the ‘best boating phenomenon in Finland’ of the year 2019. Currently, Skipperi is leading the way in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and New Zeeland.

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